ATO Simple Tax Calculator

A simple tax calculator. Now includes a tax refund calculator (Apple iOS). If you have been offered a new job, been given a yearly rate and want to calculate what will end up in your pocket then this app is for you. Also, maybe you know what you get paid each fortnight but need to calculate your yearly gross income, then again, this app is for you. It doesn’t take into account the 100 or so questions a tax advisor would ask, but gives a basic PAYG assumption based on the current Australian Tax Office tax tables. Type values into any field and it will calculate the others.

This version has recently been updated with the new 2016-2017 ATO Tax Tables to ensure it is up to date for your current tax calculations.

And the best bit? Both Applications are FREE!!

For the Apple iOS Version – Click to view in iTunes

For the Android Version – Click to view in Google Play